Slip and Fall on Residential Property

Were you injured in a slip and fall on residential property? Watch this video to learn about your rights and how to ensure they are protected.

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What should I do if I slip and fall on residential property?


We had a client come in who slipped and fell at a residential property and was seriously injured. The question that that client had was, “What do I do to get the ball rolling on my claim?”Slip and Fall on Residential PropertyIt’s important when you slip and fall at a residence that you try to alert the landowner or whoever is occupying the residence that you were injured. Also, document the location that caused your injury. Next, get as much information as you can with respect to the actual land on which you were injured. You may not be able to get that information on your own, but if you seek an experienced injury attorney and you are armed with the address of the location of where you were injured, that attorney should be able to assist you in getting the ball rolling on your claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after a slip and fall on residential property and have questions about making a personal injury claim?
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